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BMG Australia and RCA Records
have coordinated a web site to appeal to all fans of Elvis.

Elvis Tribute Artists
Listing of Elvis Tribute Performers. A sight n' sound web site.

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  • Frankie Avalon on line with PEOPLE Magazine
    on August 8, 1996
  • PEOPLE Online Hosts Rita Coolidge 10/29/96
  • Lugnut and Spare Tires 50's 60's music
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    "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." -- William Congreve, 1670-1729

    Music represents the movement, development and transformation of motifs of the collective unconscious." -- C. G. Jung

    MUSIC What people say about music: I love all kind of music, ever since I was young. My taste changed over time but music always remain a truly effective mood altering system. When I was alone, a lonely little scrawny and skinny kid in London, I used to listen to the Brit's classical music (London Phiharmonica ) on my record player late at night. Sometimes, I would run out of electricity and I had to put more coins (10p) in the meter. Can you imagine finding coins and meter in the dark! I have learned to appreciate and enjoy more romantic, upbeat music in the last few years. BUT when I feel the BLUES, I would delve and dig deep into my feeling .. and my sadness, that is when "Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Diamonds and Rust" or the Moody Blues get to dance with my inner soul. Although I like oldies but I also like contemporary music. I never get tired of listening to Kenny G.'s "The Joy Of Life" and "Forever In Love". I would prefer that they are the themes for my comtemporary life. by Jeri
    I am in my late 40's and I loved Motown as well as the harmony of the groups back in the 50's. You could understand the words and dance close to the person that you liked - or keep your distance from one that you did not. The music made me feel young, and still does, whenever I hear it. It was a great time because things were simpler. There were drugs, but not as prevalent as it is today. You could go to bars at 18, and drink legally. The music made me feel happy, and reflected my sadness as well. If I was in a relationship and was having problems, the music would sometimes cheer me up because it would tell me that my problems were universal. If the relationship was going well, the music would make me feel that I was lucky - and some of the music would make me feel happy. All in all, the music was simpler than it is today, but then, so was life.
    as a young man just back from vietnam i purchased an album " THE TEMPTATIONS IN A MELLOW MOOD'" this had to be one of their best. among the many great songs was " to dream the impossible dream". they sang it with so much soul, and helped me through many sleepless nights. i will always hold the TEMPTATIONS near to my heart.................



    HYPERION, NY, 1995.
    IF you ever read a book on The Blues-
    this is the book to read. From Pre-
    History to the mid 90's the Blues
    are covered.
    ROCK and roll fans as well as R&B
    lovers will find their roots here too.
    The short essays on Blues performers
    are indeed a vital contribution to
    black history. The reader may find 
    that a lot of popular music myth
    started with the Blues.
    COULD it be that in 1923 a rather
    ugly but extremely popular female
    blues singer set the standard for
    every POP-ROCK performance that
    followed? Ma Rainey was her name
    and for her day she incorperated
    elaborate set designs, outrageous
    costumes with her soul shaking
    vocals delivered with spirited
    struts and sashays! Shades of Elton
    JUST who came up with the idea of
    selling ones' self to the devil for
    musical success and popularity?
    Was it Robert Johnson?
    (Johnson's songs and lyrics covered
    by groups like the Stones and Led
    ZEP.) Or was it something already
    entrenched in black mythology of
    his times.
    THE author, Davis, makes a strong
    case that those famous Robert Johnson
    tunes were borrowed, adapted or 
    influenced by previous black bluesmen.
    "Crossroads Blues" he believes was taken
    from Charlie Patton's 1929 song
    "Down The Dirt Road Blues."
    IF Rock's British invasion was steeped in
    American Black Blues - Was the Folk 
    movement inspired by LEDBELLY?
    Davis makes the case.
    INDEED it was BOB DYLAN'S HWY 61
    that Bessie Smith died on under mysterious
    MY favorite story from THE HISTORY OF
    THE BLUES is one of Canned Heat's 
    founder "Blind Owl" Wilson (he wasn't
    blind that was kind of a tribute to all
    the Blind boy black bluesmen like
    Blind Lemon Jefferson but he was the high
    range vocal on "Going Up The Country" and
    "On The Road Again.") rediscovering Blues
    pioneer SON HOUSE who had'nt played in
    years. Here the white boy, Wilson, re teaches
    Son House how he played his own songs long
    ALSO fascinating is the story of the interplay
    between Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and
    Howlin' Wolf. It was Dixon who wrote
    "Hoochie Coochie Man", "Spoonful," "Backdoor
    Man," and "Walking The Dog."
    I found The History Of The Blues great
    bedside reading - You may too!
    Rock On Boomers! 

    Source: Interep Research Boomers tune into classical Eight million adults listen to classical music radio on the average day, with the largest share aged 35-54 From USA Today Web Page: 5/18/97:


    These Web Sites offer Free download music files, we had wonderful time listening to them. Thanks All of You!

  • Deb Ackley's Midi Page!
  • The Wanderer's Oldies!
  • MIDI Farm
  • FREE MIDI Files

  • Links to MIDI Sites on the Net -
    Sit back, relax, and crank up the volume!

  • 60's - 90's Pop & Rock MIDI Archive

  • 60's - 90's Pop & Rock MIDI Mirror Site
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  • 60's sound - By Pam
  • The Internet Folk Radio List
  • Cycles of US History - Present
    Cycle (1943 - Present)
  • Life's Rock and Roll Galley
  • Rock and Roll Digital Galley

  • Cultural winds blow back to the future

    The Washington Times: Suzanne Fields

  • Cher's

    Paul and Linda
    Paul McCartney, Linda and children Life Magazine 110769 cover...

    Northern California - S.F. Bay Area Boomers Are So Lucky. We get FREE Oldies Concerts at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk every Friday

    Great web site  that we discovered on AOL 
    Boomer Board, posted by Sarah792@AOL.COM 
    who also gave us Del Shannon new web site URL for
    Oct98 newsletter.
    WABC Top 100 Songs of the Year During its years as a Top 40 Music radio station, WABC compiled year end surveys of the ranking of the songs that were played during that year, usually referred to as "the top 100 of the year" from 1964 to 1982.
    Greatest 300 Songs By K101 Los Angeles
    Who was the only American artist to have a #1 hit in Britain in 1964? (answer below)
    This question is one of 554 in the great book "Pure Gold Rock & Roll Trivia Questions" by Ron Foster. It's not available in stores but you can order it by mail. Visit Ron Foster's Web page for ordering information. The answer is Roy Orbison. Roy made it to the top spot with "It's Over" and "Oh, Pretty Woman" that year. In fact, Roy was the only American to achieve that feat for 68 weeks, beginning in August of 1963 and running through February of 1965.

  • Discjockey.com - Internet Radio Station Network
  • Rock Radio Scrapbook
    Radio Disk Jockies: 50-60's
    Jack Gale-58-63         
    Bob Forster-58-? 
    Russ Hall-58-60         
    Dick Covington-58-59    
    Hot Rod-51?-60& 63-64   
    Roz Ford-58-?           
    Alan Field-59-60 
    Jay Neely-59-62         
    Mike Barry-60           
    Rex Miller-60           
    Buddy McGregor-60-62
    Bob Adams-60-62
    Bid Causey-60-61
    Bob Foster-61-65 
    Bob Koolage-62
    Rob Roberts-61-63
    Steve Wade-61-64
    Bill Gormly-62-63
    Gene Creasy-62-65
    Johnny Contino-63-65
    Bobby Wayne-63 
    Don Owens-63
    Tony Montgomery-63-64
    Jack Gale-58-63 
    Bob Forster-58-?
    Russ Hall-58-60          
    Dick Covington-58-59     
    Hot Rod-51?-60& 63-64    
    Roz Ford-58-?            
    Alan Field-59-60
    Jay Neely-59-62
    Mike Barry-60           
    Rex Miller-60           
    Buddy McGregor-60-62
    Bob Adams-60-62         
    Bid Causey-60-61 
    Larry Dean-60-63 
    Bob Foster-61-65 
    Danny Sheelds-62-65     
    Bob Koolage-62          
    Alan Ford-62                             
    Gene Creasy-62-65 
    Bobby Wayne-63  
    Don Owens-63            
    Tony Montgomery-63-64   
    Buddy Deane-51-57&63-64 
    Rudy Runnells-64-65     
    Steve Wade-65           
    Brad Ganson-65                  
    George Wilson-65-66             
    Bill Taylor-65                          
    Ted Jaffee-65-66                             
    Bob Gordon-66
    Jack Sorbi-66  
    Les Alexander-57-68 
    Lee Parker-57-60        
    Alan Drake-57-60        
    Ray Moffett-57-60       
    Bob Larimer-60         
    Bid Causey-60        
    Mike Barry-60           
    Alan field-60-72       
    Johnny Bishop-60       
    Jack Edwards-60-73      
    Bob Koolage-60-62        
    Bob Foster-60-61       
    Rob Roberts-61-63                 
    Paul Rodgers-63-69      
    Kerby Scott64-66& 68
    Don Keller-64
    Bill Sanders-65
    Gene Creasy-65-71
    Ted Jaffee-68            
    Les Alexander-57-68     
    Bid Causey-60   
    Mike Barry-60    
    Alan field-60-72         
    Johnny Bishop-60         
    Jack Edwards-60-73       
    Bob Koolage-60-62
    Bob Foster-60-61
    Stan Major-60-61
    Harv Morgan-61
    Johnny Dark-61-82
    Larry Monroe-61-64
    Rob Roberts-61-63
    Bill Gormly-62-63                
    Johnny Contino-63-65    
    Robert C. Allen-69-74
    Dave MacKay-69-76
    Frank Young-69
    Bobby Dee-65-66
    Buzz Bennett-65
    Barry Richards-65-66
    John Patton-66          

    Jack Gale-61-63
    Jim Sands-61
    Bill Foxx-61
    Jerry Kearns-61-62
    TV Whitfield-61-62
    Chop Chop Fisher-61-63
    Tom Tyler-62-63
    Ed Graham-63
    Jack Gale-61-63
    Jim Sands-61
    Larry Dean-60-63 
    Larry Monroe-61-64
    Alan Ford-62
    Les Alexander 1951-1957 Buddy Deane 1951-1957 & 1963-1964 Hot Rod 1951-1960 & 1963-1964 Lee Case 1951? Tony Donald 1956-1957 Joel Chaseman 1956-1957 Roz Ford 1956-1960 Gil Kriegel 1956-1961 Russ Hall 1956-1960 Jack Gale 1957-1961 Dick Covington-1958-1959 Bob Forster 1958-1959 Alan Field 1959-1960 Jay Neely 1959-1962 Bob Adams 1959-1962 Mike Barry 1960 Rex Miller 1960 Buddy McGregor 1960-1962 Bid Causey 1960-1961 Larry Dean 1960-1963 Bob Foster 1961-1965 Dave Garrett 1962 Danny Sheelds 1962-1965 Bob Koolage 1962 Alan Ford 1962 Bill Gormly 1962-1963 Gene Creasy 1962-1965 Johnny Contino 1963-1965 Bobby Wayne 1963 Don Owens 1963 Tony Montgomery 1963-1964 Rudy Runnells 1964-1965 Steve Wade 1965 Brad Ganson 1965 Bobby Dee 1965-1966 George Wilson 1965-1966 Buzz Bennett 1965 Bill Taylor 1965 Barry Richards 1965-1966 Bill Sanders 1965 Ted Jaffee 1965-1966 John Patton 1966 Bob Gordon 1966 Jack Sorbi 1966 Jack Edwards 1979-1981 & 1991-1997
    WCAO 60
    Les Alexander 1957-1968 Alan Drake 1957-1960 Ray Moffett 1957-1960 Lee Parker 1957-1960 Jack Edwards 1959-1973 Allan Gregg 1960 Bob Larimer 1960 Bid Causey 1960 Mike Barry 1960 Alan Field 1960-1972 Frank Luber 1960 Johnny Bishop 1960 Bob Koolage 1960-1962 Bob Foster 1960-1961 Stan Major 1960-1961 Harv Morgan 1961 Johnny Dark 1961-1965 & 1966-1990 Larry Monroe 1961-1964 Rob Roberts 1961-1963 Steve Wade 1961-1964 Paul Rodgers 1963-1969 Kirby Scott 1964-1966 & 1968 Donn Keller 1964 Bill Sanders 1965 Gene Creasy 1965-1971 Ted Jaffee 1968 Robert C. Allen III 1969-1977 Frank Young 1969 Dave MacKay 1969-1976 Bill Winters 1971 Ron Riley 1971-1982 John Harding 1972 Don Cox 1972 Tony Mann 1972 Bill Campbell 1972-1975 Dick Shannon 1972-1973 Dennis Murray 1973-1974 Jack Sheridan 1973-1976 Randy Daniels 1975-1978 Larry Hall 1974-1975 Brother Love 1975-1979 Scott Richards 1976-1982 Jim Jordan 1976-1977 Lou Roberts 1977-1982 Keith McDonald 1978-? Ann Thomas 1978-1979 Lisa Kay 1978-1979 Joe Pachino 1980-1981 Scott Carpenter 1980-1982 Jack Diamond 1981-1982
    WWIN 1400
    Jack Edwards 1958-1959 Danny Thompson 1961 Dave Garrico 1961 Roz Ford 1960-1961 Donn Keller 1961 Jack Gale 1961-1963 Jim Sands 1961 Bill Foxx 1961-1962 Jerry Kearns 1961-1963 TV Whitfield 1962 Chop Chop Fisher 1962-1963 Tom Tyler 1962-1963 Ed Graham WWIN [Baltimore MD] 1956 WTOW [Baltimore] 1957 WCAO [Baltimore] 1957-60 AFKN [Seoul, Korea] 1960 WWIN [Baltimore] 1962-63 WBAL [Baltimore] 1964 WFBR [Baltimore] 1965-68 WENE [Binghamton NY] 1968 WITH/WITH-FM [Baltimore] 1968-76 WWDC/WWDC-FM [Washington DC] 1976-80 WITH/WITH-FM [Baltimore] 1980 - 85 WNTR [Washington DC] 1985 - 87 WFBR [Baltimore] 1987-88 American Radio Network [Baltimore] 1988 -92 WCBM [Baltimore] 1992 - 95 WITH [Baltimore, MD] 1995-2000
    WCBM 68
    Lee Case 1957-1982 Danny Sheelds 1957-1960 Ted Rado 1963-1964 Ted Bair- 1963-1964 Dick Covington 1964 Larry Walton 1964-1969 & 1972-1975 Mike March 1964-1968 Bill Garrett 1964-1965 Johnny Contino 1965-1967 Bill Bolling 1966-1967 Dave Lindsay 1967-1968 Joe Kelly 1968 Dale Andrews 1968-1973 Larry Hall 1968-1970 Dan Donovan 1969-1970 Dennis Murray 1969-1973 Paul Rodgers 1969-1972 Bob Galen 1969-1972 Ron Nabors 1970-1973 Joe Knight 1973-1979 Cleo Brooks 1974-1975 Jack Edwards 1974-1979 & 1981-1982 Ken Merson 1976-1982 Elliott 1976-1978 Terry Troyeau 1977-1982 Jerry Daniels 1979-1982 Joe Galuski 1979-1980
    WFBR 1300
    Walt Teas 1955-1956 Joe Knight 1956-1973 Mike James 1956-1972 Bill Jaeger 1956-1970 Dave Robinson 1961-1962 Dennis Hill 1961-? Dan Thompson 1962 Jack Welby 1962-1965 Jack Wheeler 1965-1966 Ken Maylath 1966-1967 Johnny Contino 1967-1975 Mike March 1970-1971 & 1973-1977 Jim Coffinberger-1970 Jim Morton 1970-1977 Flying Dutchman 1971-1974 & 1977 John Sterling 1971 Dave King 1972-1976 Johnny Walker-1974-1982 Wayne Gruen-1974-1975 Mike Vickers 1976-1980 Bill Zahner-1976-1982 Larry Walton 1977-1980 Charlie Donovan 1977-1982 Dave Harrison 1977-1980 Dale Andrews 1978 Bob Moke 1980-1986 Bob Bolton 1980-1986 Jack Edwards 1988
    MURRAY The K 
          ON The Swinging SWARAY
    Jocko Henderson-
          Dj from Phila '50's
    Emperor Bob Hudson 
    Ron Landry - 
          on WDRC, Hartford early sixties
    Wolfman JACK  
    Murray Kauffman 
    Allan Freed 
    Allison Steel "the night bird"
    Dan Ingram
    Ron Lundy, 
    Jack Spector
    harry harrison cbs fm
    West Coast: 60's and 70's
    (Contributed by TheAmuseBz from AOL)
    THE REAL DON STEELE (now deceased)
    HUMBLE HARV (incarcerated for killing his ol' lady)
    B. MITCHELL REED migrated from NY's WMCA 
    to KMET and started Radio's Rock Revolution and 
    had a big hand in KLOS's formative years...
    First thing that comes to mind is KFWB circa 
    1960-1961:  Joe Yocam, Roger Christian, Bill Ballance, 
    Wink Martindale, Jimmy O'Neill
    Then KRLA:  Bob Hudson, Casey Kasem, Dave Hull, 
    Dick Biondi (for awhile), Johnny Hayes, Sy Holliday    
    in the mid 70, I remember Dick Whittington, J
    ohnny Magnus and a Vet turned deejay named 
    Doc Frail being on the air - sort of FM format AM
    I think something about Radio Free Oz on KRLA 
    in 1967 would make a neat trivia question.  
    Duh I only figured out the reason for the name 
    a couple of years ago.  L. Frank Baum, author 
    of the Oz books, lived in LA!!!
    KHJ somebody else mentioned -  Robert W. Morgan, 
    Don Steele, Charlie Tuna, 
    I used a lot of transistor batteries back then!   
    peace,  Dorie

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