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    It was the best of times and the worst of times: It's a Wonderful Life and six million Jewish deaths. ``White Christmas'' and black lists. Gas rationing and Guadacanal. Casablanca and Hiroshima. V-2 rockets and V-J Day.
    The Forties
    Korea and Kruschev. I Like Ike, but Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The Red Scare and ``Blue Suede Shoes.'' Peter Pan and the Kinsey Report. June Clever and Joseph McCarthy. Edsel and Sputnik. Hula hoops and H-bombs
    The Fifties
    Loud music and Silent Spring. Civil rights and civil defense, fallout and sit-ins. ``Strangers in the Night'' and Dr. Strangelove. Free love and costly lessons. Camelot and Cambodia. ``Blue Christmas'' and Agent Orange. The Great Society and One Small Step. ``I Have a Dream'' but the dream becomes nightmare: John Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, Martin Luther King and James Earl Ray, Robert Kennedy and Sirhan Sirhan.
    The Sixties
    The Brady Bunch and the Watergate Five. Presidential privilege, pardon, and peanuts. Earth Day and the EPA. Peace with honor, Big Mac with fries. Bell bottoms and halter tops. Walking on Earth Shoes. Running on empty.
    The Seventies
    Donald Trump and The Deal. Yuppie success and homelessness. Supply/demand and Afghanistan. Qaddafi and Khomeini; Madonna and Michael; Gorby and the Gipper. MTV and HIV and Pan Am flight 103. Read My Lips: Just Do It but Just Say No. Just the fax, and ET phone home. Berlin Wall comes a-tumblin' down.
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    The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC)
    One of only two broadcast museums in America.
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    Facts Of The Decade: 1900:
    • Population: 149,1888,000  
    • Life expectancy: Women 71.1, Men 65.6  
    • Average salary: $2,992  
    • Cost of a loaf of bread: $0.14  
    • Baseball had finally become the sport of all 
      Americans when Jackie Robinson broke the 
      color barrier in the 40’s.
    • Bomb shelter plans, like the government pamphlet
      “You Can Survive,” become widely available  
    • In 1953 Chevrolet begins to build plastic
     bodied Corvettes 
    • The first Burger King opens in 1954 
    • In 1958 the price of 1st class US postage
      is raised to 4¢ from 3¢ where it had been for 26 years
    • One of the most dramatic developments was
      the discovery of a polio vaccine,
      by Dr. Jonas Salk in 1956
    • The New York Giants moved to the 
      West Coast in 1958
    • Explorer I, the first U.S. satellite, successfully
      orbited earth in 1958
    Time Warp 1900 vs. 1999
    U.S. EVERY DAY LIFE IN 1900:: - 1 in 7 homes had a bathtub - 1 in 13 homes had a telephone - Brownie camera: $1 - lb.of sugar: 4 cents - dozen eggs: 14 cents - lb. of butter: 24 cents
    U.S. EVERY DAY LIFE IN 1998:: - 81% of the population has a VCR in the home - there are 2.3 TVs per household - 20% of the U.S. is connected to the Internet - lb. of sugar: $0.43 - dozen eggs: $1.12 - lb. of butter $2.35
    World Population : 1900 - 1.6 billions 1999 - 6.0 billions
    Sources : Time Magazine Website

    The Sixties The Seventies The Eighties

    Civil Rights:
    The wave of student protest arrived at the UH campus.
    In this 1971 photo, Texas Southern University student
    Curtis Graves addresses a student rally.
    Curtis went on to become one of the state's most
    prominent civil rights leaders, becoming Houston's
    first African American district attorney and the state's
    first African American legislator since 1891.

    University Of Houston 75 Years Time Line:
    From 1920-30 to year 2000
    20-30   40   50   60   70   80   90   00

    Vietnam Timeline

    Links To Various Wars
    Intel Lab 30 Years Of Innovations
    National Medal Of Technology
    Enacted by Congress in 1980
    and first awarded in 1985,
    the medal is given annually to individuals, teams

    PBS History Day

    The American Experience

    Last Man On the Moon

    Last Man On the Moon - 2

    To The Moon:

    Life's 60 Classic Cover
    Capturing the Century
    Collective memory - Photographs
    HyperHistory presents 3'000 years


    History Channel 50's Timeline
    History Channel 60's Timeline
    History Channel 70's Timeline
    History Channel 80's Timeline
    History Channel 90's Timeline

    Swinging Chicks In the 60's

    This Date In the Swinging 60's

    Vietnam Timeline

    Links To Various Wars

    Life Rock & Roll At 50 Book
    50 Greatest of ALL TIME
    (Excerpt From the Book)
    Rock & Roll Gallery

    Facts From The Past

    NBA Finals
    1965  Boston Celtics (over the LA Lakers)
    1966  Boston Celtics (over the LA Lakers)
    1967  Philadelphia 76ers (over SF Warriors)
    1968  Boston Celtics (LA Lakers)
    1969  Boston Celtics (LA Lakers)
    1970  NY Knickerbockers (over LA Lakers)
    1971  Milwaukee Bucks (over Baltimore Bullets)
    1972  LA Lakers (over NY Knicks)
    1973  NY Knicks (over LA Lakers)
    1974  Boston Celtics (over Milwaukee Bucks)
    1975  Golden State Warriors (over Washington
    1976  Boston Celtics (Phoenix Suns)
    1977  Portland Trail Blazers (over Philadelphia
    1978  Washington Bullets (over Seattle
    1979  Seattle SuperSonics (over Washington
    1980  LA Lakers (over Philadelphia 76ers)
    1981  Boston Celtics (over Houston Rockets)
    1982  LA Lakers (over Philadelphia 76ers)
    1983  Philadelphia 76ers (over LA Lakers)
    1984  Boston Celtics (over LA Lakers)
    1985  LA Lakers (over Boston Celtics)
    1986  Boston Celtics (over Houston Rockets) 
    World Series
    1965  LA Dodgers (over Minnesota Twins)
    1966  Baltimore Orioles (over LA Dodgers)
    1967  St Louis Cardinals (over Boston Red Sox)
    1968  Detroit Tigers (over St Louis Cardinals)
    1969  NY Mets (over Baltimore Orioles)
    1970  Baltimore Orioles (over Cincinnati Reds)
    1971  Pittsburgh Pirates (over Baltimore Orioles)
    1972  Oakland Athletics (over Cincinnati Reds)
    1973  Oakland A’s (over NY Mets)
    1974  Oakland A’s (over LA Dodgers)
    1975  Cincinnati Reds (over Boston Red Sox)
    1976  Cincinnati Reds (over NY Yankees)
    1977  NY Yankees (over LA Dodgers)
    1978  NY Yankees (over LA Dodgers)
    1979  Pittsburgh Pirates (over Baltimore Orioles)
    1980  Philadelphia Phillies (over Kansas City
    1981  LA Dodgers (over NY Yankees)
    1982  St. Louis Cardinals (over Milwaukee
    1983  Baltimore Orioles (over Philadelphia
    1984  Detroit Tigers (over San Diego Padres)
    1985  Kansas City Royals (over St. Louis
    1986  NY Mets (over Boston Red Sox) 
    Super Bowl
    1967  Green Bay Packers (over Kansas City
    1968  Green Bay Packers (over Oakland Raiders)
    1969  New York Jets (over Baltimore Colts)
    1970  Kansas City Chiefs (over Minnesota
    1971  Baltimore Colts (over Dallas Cowboys)
    1972  Dallas Cowboys (over Miami Dolphins)
    1973  Miami Dolphins (over Washington
    1974  Miami Dolphins (over Minnesota Vikings)
    1975  Pittsburgh Steelers (over Minnesota
    1976  Pittsburgh Steelers (over Dallas Cowboys)
    1977  Oakland Raiders (over Minnesota Vikings)
    1978  Dallas Cowboys (over Denver Broncos)
    1979  Pittsburgh Steelers (over Dallas Cowboys)
    1980  Pittsburgh Steelers (over LA Rams)
    1981  Oakland Raiders (over Philadelphia Eagles)
    1982  San Francisco 49ers (over Cincinnati
    1983  Washington Redskins (over Miami
    1984  LA Raiders (over Washington Redskins)
    1985  San Francisco 49ers (over Miami Dolphins) 
    1986  Chicago Bears (over New England Patriots) 
    Stanley Cup
    1965  Montreal Canadiens (over Chicago Black
    1966  Montreal Canadiens (over Detroit Red
    1967  Toronto Maple Leafs (over Montreal
    1968  Montreal Canadiens (over St. Louis Blues)
    1969  Montreal Canadiens (over St. Louis Blues)
    1970  Boston Bruins (over St. Louis Blues)
    1971  Montreal Canadiens (over Chicago Black
    1972  Boston Bruins (over NY Rangers)
    1973  Montreal Canadiens (over Chicago Black
    1974  Philadelphia Flyers (over Boston Bruins)
    1975  Philadelphia Flyers (over Buffalo Sabres)
    1976  Montreal Canadiens (over Philadelphia
    1977  Montreal Canadiens (over Boston Bruins)
    1978  Montreal Canadiens (over Boston Bruins)
    1979  Montreal Canadiens (over NY Rangers)
    1980  NY Islanders (over Philadelphia Flyers)
    1981  NY Islanders (over Minnesota North Stars)
    1982  NY Islanders (over Vancouver Canucks)
    1983  NY Islanders (over Edmonton Oilers)
    1984  Edmonton Oilers (over NY Islanders)
    1985  Edmonton Oilers (over Philadelphia Flyers)
    1986  Montreal Canadiens (over Calgary Flames) 
    Academy Award (Best Picture) 
    1965  The Sound of Music
    1966  A Man for All Seasons
    1967  In the Heat of the Night
    1968  Oliver!
    1969  Midnight Cowboy
    1970  Patton
    1971  The French Connection
    1972  The Godfather
    1973  The Sting
    1974  The Godfather — Part II
    1975  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    1976  Rocky
    1977  Annie Hall
    1978  The Deer Hunter
    1979  Kramer vs. Kramer
    1980  Ordinary People
    1981  Chariots of Fire
    1982  Gandhi
    1983  Terms of Endearment
    1984  Amadeus
    1985  Out of Africa
    1986  Platoon 
    Miss America Pageant
    1965  Vonda Van Dyke/Phoenix, Arizona
    1966  Deborah Bryant/Overland Park, Kansas
    1967  Jane Jayroe/Laverne, Oklahoma
    1968  Debra Barnes/Pittsburg, Kansas
    1969  Judith Ford/Belvidere, Illinois
    1970  Pam Eldred/Bloomfield, Michigan
    1971  Phyllis George/Denton, Texas
    1972  Laurel Schaefer/Bexley, Ohio
    1973  Terry Meeuwsen/DePere, Wisconsin
    1974  Rebecca King/Denver, Colorado
    1975  Shirley Cothran/Denton, Texas
    1976  Tawny Godin/Saratoga Springs, New York
    1977  Dorothy Benham/Edina, Minnesota
    1978  Susan Perkins/Columbus, Ohio
    1979  Kylene Barker/Roanoke, Virginia
    1980  Cheryl Prewitt/Ackerman, Mississippi
    1981  Susan Powell/Elk City, Oklahoma
    1982  Elizabeth Ward/Russellville, Arkansas
    1983  Debra Maffett/Anaheim, California
    1984  Vanessa Williams/Syracuse, New York
    1984  Suzette Charles/Mays Landing, New Jersey
    1985  Sharlene Wells/Salt Lake City, Utah
    1986  Susan Akin/Meridian, Mississippi 
    Nobel Peace Prize
    1965  United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
    1966  The prize money was allocated with 1/3 to
    the Main Fund and 2/3 to the Special Fund
    of this prize section.
    1967  The prize money was allocated with 1/3 to
    the Main Fund and 2/3 to the Special Fund
    of this prize section.
    1968  Rene Cassin (President of the European
    Court for Human Rights)
    1969  International Labour Organization (ILO)
    1970  Norman Borlaug (International Maize and
    Wheat Improvement Center)
    1971  Willy Brandt (Chancellor of the Federal
    Republic of Germany)
    1972  The prize money was allocated to the Main
    1973  Henry A. Kissinger (Secretary of State) and
    Le Duc Tho (Democratic Republic of
    1974  Sean Mac Bride (President of the
    International Peace Bureau and the
    Commission of Namibia) and Eisaku Sato
    (Prime Minister of Japan)
    1975  Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov (Soviet nuclear
    1976  Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan
    (founders of the Northern Ireland Peace
    1977  Amnesty International
    1978  Mohamed Anwar El Sadat (President of the
    Arab Republic of Egypt) and Manachem
    Begin (Prime Minister of Israel)
    1979  Mother Teresa (leader of
    Missionaries of Charities Calcutta)
    1980  Adolfo Perez Esquivel (architect, sculptor
    and human rights leader)
    1981  Office of the United Nations High
    Commissioner for Refugees
    1982  Alva Myrdal (former Cabinet Minister,
    diplomat, writer) and Alfonso Garcia Robles
    (diplomat delegate to the United Nations
    General Assembly on Disarmament former
    Secretary for Foreign Affairs)
    1983  Lech Walesa (Leader of the trade union
    1984  Desmond Mpilo Tutu (Bishop of
    Johannesburg former Secretary General
    South African Council of Churches
    1985  International Physicians for the Prevention
    of Nuclear War, Inc.
    1986  Elie Wiesel (Chairman of "The President's
    Commission on the Holocaust") 

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