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boomers* boomers*
    -In the US, between the end of World War
    IIand 1964, 78 million baby boomers were born and now 
    are part of the "Boomers" generation. - Boomers are 
    now entering middle age and changing the demographic 
    of the total population. 4 out of 10 households are 
    between ages 35 to 54 and the numbers of householders 
    ages 45 to 54 will increase 20 percent from 1995 to 
    year 2000. 
    - As empty nesters, boomers have more money to spend as the median income for boomers bracket is $47,300 annually. - The average household headed by boomers age 35 to 54 spends $12,000 annually for hous- ing.
    - The number of couples without children between the age of 45 and 60 will increase from 8 million in 1980 to 16 millions in the year 2010.
    - Every 7.5 seconds, a Boomer turns 50! Generation identified with Iron Curtain, Berlin Wall, Cold War, Sputnik, Transistor Radios, Calculators, Computers, CB Radio, Ham Radio, Man on the Moon, Hula Hoop, Mickey Mouse Club, Leave It To Beaver, Mousekateers, Doo Wop, R&B, American Bandstand, Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Motown, Beach Boys, Haight-Ashbury, Hippies, PEACE, VW Bug, LOVE, LSD, Woodstock, California Dreamin', Hot tubs, TM, Psychedelic, Disco, Platform Shoes, Bell Bottoms, Mini Skirts, Hot Pants, Bikinis, Tie Died, flower power, communal, Nehru Jackets, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chelsea, King's Road, Carnaby Street, Bohemians, American Bandstand, The Mods, The Rockers, Liverpool, Twiggy, SOHO, The fall of Berlin Wall, PAN AM and $5.00 a day in Europe.
    (Sources San Jose Mercury News - Judy Stark, August, 1996, JM and ABBA) Us Government data : Boomers Boom in these cities (% of total populations) Santa Fe 35.1% Anchorage 34.2% Denver 32.8% Seattle 31.5% Atlanta 31.4% Washington/ 31.4% Baltimore Portland/Salem 31.2% Oregon Kokomo, Ind. 31.0% York, Pa. 30.9% San Francisco 30.8% Portland, Maine 30.8% Sources: Census Bureau, State and Methopolitan Area Data Book 1997-1998 and USA Today.

    Boomer Stats: Baby Boom Generation (1946 through 1964) saw a marked increase in the number of births in North America. Here’s how the birthrate rose and fell during the baby boom years: 1940 - 2,559,000 births per year 1946 - 3,311,000 births per year 1955 - 4,097,000 births per year 1957 - 4,300,000 births per year 1964 - 4,027,000 births per year 1974 - 3,160,000 births per year
    AARP Study to Reveal the Psychology of Midlife Large-scale Research Survey Opens Annual Dialogue Between the Association and the Baby Boomer Generation Contrary to conventional wisdom about their denial of aging, baby boomers really do have their eyes on the future, according to a new report by AARP. Asked about how much they think about their futures, nearly two in three boomers say ‘often.’ The report also suggests that their greatest hopes are focused on their toughest problems, that they are generally optimistic about what lies ahead and that they expect many things to improve in their lives. ‘Boomers at Midlife: The AARP Life Stage Study’ is a national survey unprecedented in its scope that will make breakthrough contributions to the relatively unexplored field of midlife psychological development and reinforce AARP's already broad and deep understanding of the 76 million-strong population of baby boomers. The study is the first installment in what will be an annual series of AARP boomer studies, which will closely examine how this demographic group will change the definitions of aging and how aging will in turn change boomers. The study is based on 3,666 telephone interviews of adults ages 18 and older conducted for AARP by Princeton Survey Research Associates (PSRA) between April 11 to June 15, 2002. PSRA interviewed 2,127 boomers ages 38 to 56, 781 younger adults ages 18-37, and 758 adults ages 57 and older. In addition to over-sampling boomers, PSRA interviewed 1,185 African Americans and 1,161 Hispanics. Sources: AARP'S RESEACH. publication date: August 2002 --------------------------------------------------- Boomers - Tidbits & News. Did you know: Every 7 Seconds someone in America turns 50. 50+ age group: * Is the fastest growing population segment. * Is the most affluent consumer group that exists. * Account for over 40% of total consumer demand. * Average $24,000 in annual disposable income. * Control over 48% of all discretionary purchases that occur. * Own over 80% of all money in savings accounts. * Own 79% of America's financial assets. * Spend almost $2 Trillion on goods & services each year. * Own 62% of all large Wall Street investment accounts. * Visit malls more often than any other age group. * Dine out 4-5 times per week. * 74% use the Internet to find health information. * 78% make online purchases. * Over 70% are willing to try new brands. * Spend over $29 Billion yearly on grandchildren's gifts. * Women over 50 spend $21 Billion on clothes annually. Source: Gary Onks - SoldOnSeniors, Inc. -
    More Boomers Tidbits! Boomers Q & A Boomers International's Original Site.
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