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    So who out there is baking?

    By: Little Sally Sanctus, Boomers International Yahoo Group.

    Well-Something about the holiday took hold and I started to bake. Yeh, someone gave me a bag of apples and I've been at it most of the day---inventing things with apples. Oh there are pies a combination of apple/mandarin orange/philly creme cheese, turnovers (just about everything and apples got thrown under the dough) that were supposed to be strudle except i bought the wrong kind of stuf. theres even an apple pie with a gingerbread crust and streusel topping. left over gingerbread dough was how i got the idea for this pie thing---its not actually out of the oven yet---and i dont know how it will turn out.

    I had this gingerbread man project going earlier in the week as I was going to a nursing home and each person in our club was supposed to bring something. I used to make gingerbread men when my child was small but would use a ton of frosting cause he didnt want raisins. so for the nursing home i was inspired to use raisins. actually no one told me raisins were pushing into the warm gingerbread men after baking not before. so i arrived with my gingerbread men that had raisn eyes blown up the size of minature balloons we wont even talk about what the buttons made the little guys look like. we had a list of the church retirees that we were supposed to bring to the room.....except some refused to leave there rooms so we started grabbing strangers --- captive ones in wheelchairs that were saying something like....i want to go the other way, but i had gingerbread men to serve no matter what they looked like.

    The crowd actually rose to the occasion when i started Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer as all of us were sitting around kinda looking at each other and I have unresolved issues with quiet spaces....and when one of the ladies asked me why don't i start a song....I jumped at the chance for a public performance....hahahahahahaha (you can't even imagine how badly I warble and I only knew 2 songs so this WAS my big chance and I took it....They are darned lucky i didn't step up to the mike at the other end of the room. Darned lucky! But to tell you the truth the gingerbread men were moving kind of slow; even when we tried putting the gingerbread men in cups and passing them out...there was no way to disguise those baked raisin balloon eyes which were actually popping out of the little men at odd moments. i was hearing no, no we just ate dinner. I don't know whether it was me or the pop-eyed gingerbreads they didn't trust. After all none of them including the retired parishoners knew who i was as i am new to the parish. Don't suppose they'll be askin about no bake sale efforts anytime soon though.

    And my friends from church, well one kind lady put two on her take home plate .... the decision was made and rather quickly by me to leave a generous gift of gingerbread men in the employee lounge when neither residents, or club members were taking their share, and believe me there were plenty of them to go around. Plenty. In the absence of any employees I lined up all the big eyed boys like little soldiers....a silent tribute to a baking nightmare---and ran out to the car. lol

    Peace to you this holiday season, and don't take any big eyed gingerbreadmen......
    they belong to only true believers.

    Wishing You and Yours
    The Happiest of Holidays!

    2008 Boomers International™
    Jeri Maier & Friends

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