June 2000

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            Born in San Antonio, Texas at a very young age, on June 10, 1950. I spent the first 39 years of my life there, and have since lived in New Orleans, Chicago, Vancouver, and now Los Angeles (Burbank), due to promotions within the same coporation of which I know hold title of assisant general manager/superintendent I hold a Masters degree in clinical psychology which is not career related, and I left the field because I could find no one crazier than I was. The things I like to do most are camping and writing poetry and short stories. I am published, and for special price of $49.95, I could even buy a book with my work in it, which I refuse to do. Why should I? I have a copy of what I wrote. In my wild and younger days, I played AA baseball, drag raced motorcycles then super stock cars, and in my real younger day, I drove the Green Monster jet car at the age of 14. Only that was to steer it upon the trailer as they wrenched it in. Let's see what else? I love to cook for others, though there is nothing gourmet about it. Tell me how you like your steak, and I will give it to you the way it comes off of the fire. But I do cook anything from a meatloaf to a boiled egg. Just don't ask me to make gravy from scratch. What else? Guess that is about it, did I say I was 49 well was, by the time this is read, I will be 50?
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